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frequently asked questions

During the coaching process, my complete attention and focus will be on you. The coaching process is designed to help you achieve your health and wellness goals with support and guidance. I will listen to you openly and actively, ask powerful and probing questions, reflect/mirror back to you, offer different perspectives, assist in SMART goal setting, guide you to make your own decisions, all while helping you achieve what you want most for your health and well-being.  Everything we discuss will be confidential. Remember, I will always be in your corner with your best interests and your agenda at heart.

• This is your journey. The only way you can achieve your goals is by putting in the effort. Therefore we will not do the work for you • Your goals are personal to you. What one person finds important by not be the same as someone else. Therefore we will not judge you. • We are coaches. We are not experts. Therefore we will not give you legal, medical, financial or other sort of expert advice. • You are responsible for your actions and your outcomes. • We will not give you a step-by-step instruction guide of what you need to do to achieve your goal. This is because everyone’s life is unique and your path is also unique. only together, can we unravel the path for you to achieve your goals.

Isha Tharma expects you to make your coaching sessions a priority in your life. We are a team that will accomplish more together than we can do alone. For this to happen, you need to come prepared for every session and will need to be in a place with no distraction. We design our sessions to get you from where you are today to where you want to be. We encourage feedback. Let me know how the process is working for you. Have fun with this process and listen to your heart and your head. Pay attention to your intuition and what your “gut” is telling you. These responses occur for a reason.

Once you book your session, you will receive an email with a link to a Zoom meeting at your selected time. We will have our coaching sessions using zoom. Even though Zoom allows video and audio, you can select to do audio only if you prefer.

We are very limited on who we approve refunds for. We approach refunds this way because we want your commitment at the time of your booking to be a serious commitment. We will allow you to change booking session time one time. You may postpone your booking session to a maximum of 90 days.


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