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Who Am I?

Isha Tharma

Nothing came easy in my life. Throughout my journey, I thought I was alone. I always wondered, why me? Why does everything have to be so hard in my life? Only after hearing the stories of others, I realized that the challenges I faced were universal. The specifics of my challenges may seem unique, however, the underlying issues are shared amongst many. 

I knew I wanted to help people at a very young age, but I still needed to build my foundation. I wanted to become more disciplined, improve my willpower, improve my spirituality, and become someone who has the strength to overcome any challenge before I could help others, I knew that I had to discover myself.

This journey took me to university after high school where I completed a degree in psychology and philosophy. During this time, I learned how the brain works, normal and abnormal mental states, and debated the important questions of life such as, what is the purpose of life? 

Since the completion of my degree, I worked on my professional career. I worked in the high stress corporate world both IT and Operations.  I learned a lot of technical skills but I didn’t feel like my work had real purpose.

After 10 years of working on my career, I realized that I needed to follow my passion. This was also the time that I met my husband. My husband, a family physician and lifestyle medicine advocate, opened my eyes to the world of evidence of what really works for us to be healthy both mentally and physically. While supporting him on this journey, and taking part in his conferences, I discovered that there is a way to living life and being healthy that I never knew about before. I wanted to share this message to the world. I wanted to finally do what I was meant to do, and that was to guide people to a healthier and happier life.

I’ve helped many people throughout my life to achieve their goals and strive for success. But when I discovered coaching, I realized there’s so much more to guiding and showing the path than what I thought I knew. Coaching is more about helping people find their own path and discover what truly holds them back and what pulls them forward. This has been a lot more beneficial in creating long-lasting change than giving advice. I also discovered my passion for evidence-based change techniques. I’ve committed myself to using only techniques that have been proven to work.

I want to help you be the best you can be. I want to help you uncover your maximum potential. I want to help you find the life that you’re happy to call your own. 

I’m excited to start this journey with you!

Shall we get started?

The Sky's The Limit


Isha Tharma and her team are connectors of people, and passionate about helping you make practical lifestyle changes, and take a leap towards health and well-being. Once you enlist for our wellness coaching services, we will bring true transformation for your mind, body, and soul.



We will work together to develop the tools and resources you need to take back your health, so you can live a happier, more productive, and fulfilling life. By using our videos, audios, PDFs, online sessions, challenges, note taking application, and much more, you will have all the tools required to accomplish your goals.

Guidance at every step

Every hero needs a guide. You will be given a complete but flexible plan to follow to accomplish your goal. Throughout your transformation journey, we will be at your side keeping you motivated.