Short Term Goals


A 12 - Week Coaching Program designed to get you fast results in a short time period.

90-Minute Introductory

A time to set the foundation for our time together to maximize growth and make changes last forever.

+11 Additional Sessions

Additional weekly sessions to direct and steer you towards your goals. 

Wellness Vision

Like a business plan, a Wellness Vision lays out your vision and goals for the future and acts as a map to get you there.

Always Connected

We are always available to help and guide along the way, even between sessions through email or text.

Let's Get Started...

  1. Select a date and time for your 90-Minute Introductory session below.
  2. Pay for Charge Program ($37.50 per session, Total Cost = $450).
  3. Join Zoom link with Isha Tharma on scheduled date and time.
  4. Schedule the 11 weekly sessions.
  5. Reach Goal!